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Do you want to make infographics on your mobile?

Icongraph gives the average person the tools to use icons, graphics and charts to make infographics quickly and on the move using their iPhone and iPad.

Our mission is to make good design and dataviz tools accessible for all.

Look through any newspaper, publication or marketing promotion today and you’ll see icons with statistics highlighting articles and infographics everywhere. While there are many online infographic makers out there, most of them in our opinion are too complex for the fast paced daily needs of marketing in the social media age.

We wanted to make a design app that anyone can use. Do you struggle with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? Are you a small company with no design budget? Need to make presentation visuals with little time? This is why we created the Icongraph app.


Keep it simple

Icongraph goes away from the detailed, multi-infographic cluster and just concentrates on single statistics and graphics that will pop-out on a social media stream and grab attention. We think people are bombarded enough. Let your audience take in one visual concept at a time and let in sink in.

We’ve created many templates that we think you’re going to love – our icon posters, Pin Map Maker, Percentage Charts and our ‘Design Studio’ template which is great for making cover pages for presentations, quotes, and wallpaper patterns for websites.



Here are some example infographics we made with the app. Browse from 30 templates and find something that fits. Pick some icons from our library that conveys what you’re trying to say. Or you might have some great statistics on your subject already – a percentage, 1 in 10 or even a yes or no?

Make your own designs like these by adding your own icons, data and text…  Then save it to your iPhone and iPad.


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