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Icongraph is a mobile app for making infographic charts and slides on your iPhone and iPad. It is designed to export HD images for presentations, websites and social media.

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Icongraph generates High-Resolution PNG files to your Apple device’s Photo Gallery. If you are using the Powerpoint app on your mobile or tablet, you can import the images into the app. If you use Powerpoint on your PC or laptop, you will need to transfer them to your computer through iTunes, email or Bluetooth. The exported images are landscape (16:9) Ratio PNG files (2048×1152 pixels). Note: the Icongraph app now also supports 4:3 ratio and social media placements.



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If the iOS app is successful we will work on a Desktop version for Mac and potentially PC. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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If the iOS app is successful we will work on the Android app. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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No – this is a planned feature in the future, but because we are a small company this will take time and investment. If you would like this to happen faster, please leave a nice Appstore review – it helps!

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To load the icon library, go to any template that uses icons, such as the ‘Giving Poster’ and tap on the icon. Tap the ‘book’ symbol to load the library. At the top – Tap the ‘Search’ button and type in your search query. If no icon appears to suit your design, try tapping the ‘Categories’ button try looking in one or more category for a suitable icon. To request icons please email us with a list of icons and we’ll try to source them!

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Yes – please be specific and we will try to source them. Please use our contact form in the feedback page.

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Problems with saving images can occur when the app is used on a device for the first time. When the Apple prompt appears, asking if you allow images, press OK.

The Image is saved to iOS’s Photo stream.

For first time use, the image needs to be saved TWICE. Once set up, it should work fine.

If you have disabled images:

  • iOS 11:  Settings > Icongraph app > Allow Photos
  • iOS 12:  Settings > Screen Time > Content and Privacy Restrictions

Further problems, please try clearing the app from memory or restarting your iOS device.



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To buy any of our App Template Packs you will need to:  1) enable an internet connection on your device, 2) be logged into an iTunes Account with a valid credit card, 3) enable in-app purchases on your device:

  • iOS 12: Settings > Screen Time > Content and Privacy Restrictions > iTunes and Appstore Purchases
  • iOS 11 or lower: Settings > General > Restrictions > Switch on In-App purchases.


If you have made a purchase, then deleted the app and reinstalled it again – press the ‘Shop’ button on the home screen and then press the ‘Restore Purchases’ button.


When you make a purchase and unlock the app for the first time, there is sometimes a glitch which shows the locks flickering when you scroll the templates. The templates will actually be unlocked, but appear still locked.

Please clear the app from memory by tapping on your device home button twice, and close Icongraph down. Re-open the app and from now on the lock icons should not appear.

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All disputes pertaining to in-app purchases and refunds are handled by Apple’s terms and conditions. Please contact them.

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If you purchase any of the Designs, Charts or Maps Packs you will be able to turn off the watermark logo:

On any of the templates, tap the ‘Footer’ button at the bottom > Toggle off the checkbox ‘Show Logo.’


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