How do you make a presentation with Icongraph slides?

There are many ways you can make a presentation with Icongraph slides. Firstly, let’s assume that you’ve already exported your Icongraph images to the iOS photo gallery app on your iPhone or iPad. Now create a new album and add your infographic slides to it.

What ratio should I use for my presentation?

Icongraph’s default image ratio is a 16:9 landscape image, which in our opinion the ultimate ratio. Not only is it great for social media posts, but it’s also a pleasing and versatile image format that can be used for Powerpoint, Keynote, and Google Slides presentations.

Make a slide presentation using your iPhone & iPad Photos app

On your iOS device the easiest way would be to create a new folder in your Photos App and save your Icongraph images into it.
Photos > Albums Page > Tap the + icon to make a new album
You can either manually swipe your presentation or make a slideshow:
Slideshow > (Tap on a slide) > Options > Theme > Push

Make a slide presentation using Apple’s Keynote App on your iPhone & iPad

A more advanced presentation could be made by using Apple’s Free Keynote Mobile App.
From the Keynote Recents Page > + (tap the plus icon at the top to make a new presentation)
In Keynote choose a new template and make sure you choose the ‘Wide’ tab. (This is a perfect 16:9 ratio which means your Icongraph slide will fit exactly into it.

How to import your Icongraph infographics into Keynote:

Current Slide > Tap the + icon on the top right > Tab 4 (import images from Camera Roll)
You can choose to either add your text in Icongraph, or if you want your text to remain editable, we advise you to leave off text in Icongraph and write your text in Keynote. That way, all the text will be editable later.

How to record your animated charts on your iPhone and iPad

To save a video clip of your infographic animation, here is a tip to record the screen of the iPad or iPhone with Apple’s built in screen recording.

1) Design your chart and get it set up and ready.

2) On your iOS device, go to Settings > Control Centre > Include Screen recording (+)

3) Swipe from the top right on your home screen (on new devices) to show the control panel.

The button in Red records the screen.

4) Open Icongraph to the template you are currently on and press ‘done’ on the chart you have made. You will have captured this clip.

5) Press Home on your device and swipe from the top right again to turn off the screen recording.

That’s it! If you can use video editing software, cut a selection of clips together using statistics and make a cool infographic video!

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