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Icongraph is an easy to use mobile app for making simple, stylish infographics on your iPhone and iPad. If you’re wondering what is the best infographic maker in 2020 you’ve found the right design tool!

Use our versatile chart templates and ‘icon posters’ and choose your own icons, statistics and text to make infographics on any subject. Save your Icongraph slides to your iOS device in HD quality to show off your charts and icon designs in your presentations, business pitches, coursework, social media posts and marketing campaigns.

Looking for icons for the coronavirus? We’ve added tons of medical icons to the app

Are you looking for icons to use in infographics about the Covid-19 coronavirus? Visual information can save lives. In response to the global pandemic we’ve added tons of topical icons to the latest app update. Search for the keyword ‘virus’ in Icongraph’s handy icon library to download icons from ‘biohazard’ to ‘quarantine’ to use in your design slides and infographics.

“This is the easiest way I have found to create great looking graphics without having to hire a graphic designer or PowerPoint guru.”

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Why we made Icongraph

Icongraph gives the average person the tools to use icons, graphic symbols and charts to make infographics quickly and on the move using their iPhone and iPad.

Our mission is to make the best design and data visualization tool for mobile users. We wanted to make a design app that anyone can use.

Do you struggle with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? Are you a small company or blogger with little or no design budget? A marketer needing to make presentation visuals with little time? This is why we created the design-it-yourself Icongraph app.

Try Icongraph’s easy to use templates, made especially for mobile

Icongraph is the only dedicated infographic maker designed for mobile. Our templates are fully customisable and we hope you’ll be making infographics right away! Start with our free infographic templates and see how easy it is to use. Change the colours of your icons, resize your chart layouts, add text and choose from our social media layouts.

Have some fun with your data :}

You won’t find charts like these anywhere else. Icongraph packs some truly wacky graphs that are guaranteed to spice up your powerpoint presentations and grab the room’s attention. Turn percentages into a ‘infoburger‘ or ‘data sandwich‘ chart. Use our ‘virus‘ or ‘sunflower‘ dot graphs and bring your content to life with our colourful infographics. 

“It’s easy to create graphics with it. one of the best apps for creating infographics.”

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2000+ searchable Icons

Do you need high quality icons for your presentations? Icongraph includes 15 icon categories and over 2000 designer icons to give you ideas for your infographics. Need something specific and quickly? Use the search tool to locate icons fast. Our icons are vectors, which allows you to scale them without losing quality.

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