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Icon Designer for iPad and iPhone

Icon Designer is the latest infographic maker app in the Icongraph series, this time with a focus on our unique icon design templates.

Building on the simple usability of Icongraph, Icon Designer has improved icon and text control, even more vector graphic tools, atlas maps, and the user now has the flexibility to save and copy their designs to a gallery.

Use it to make graphic posters, signs, process diagrams and infographics for social media content, blogs, presentation slides and more.

icon designer app promo for iPad and iPhone

Icongraph – Infographic Maker

Icongraph is an easy to use mobile app for making simple, stylish infographics on your iPhone and iPad. If you’re wondering what is the best infographic maker on mobile in 2021 you’ve found the right design tool!

Use our versatile chart templates and ‘icon posters’ and choose your own icons, statistics and text to make infographics on any subject. Save your Icongraph slides to your iOS device in HD quality to show off your charts and icon designs in your presentations, business pitches, coursework, social media posts and marketing campaigns.

Icongraph infographic maker with coronavirus covid19 icons iphone ipad devices

Create Logos and Instagram Posts with Logo 7 – Logo Maker app

Logo 7 – Pro Logo Maker is our little logo making app that packs a big punch. With a simple, sleek interface made for mobiles and tablets, you can make a professional brand logo design at an affordable price. Use graphic icons, shapes, designer fonts and our photo backgrounds to create pro logos and Instagram posts for your company or personal brand.

Use Logo 7 for designing both personal and business logos. Our extensive collection of graphic symbols and background images give you the all-in-one design tool for creating and presenting killer logos.

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Icon Designer App

Icon Designer is our latest app for making Posters, Signs, Maps and Infographics on your iPhone and iPad.

logo king vintage logo maker app icon

Logo King App

Logo King is an app for making vintage Americana style, outdoorsy and classic sports logos on iPhone and iPad.

Logo 7 App

Logo 7 - is a logo maker app for creating business logos and Instagram visuals on your iPhone and iPad.

Icongraph App

Icongraph - Infographic Maker is our original app for making unique charts & infographics on your iPhone and iPad.

Calligraphy Calm App

A soothing art app in the style of Chinese and Japanese Ink Painting. Available on iOS and Android devices.

flourish lettering and calligraphy app icon

Flourish Lettering Craft App

Practice the art of handwriting and calligraphy with our tracing letters and calligrams. iPad, iPhone and Andoid.