How to enable Apple’s built in screen recording

To save a video clip of your infographic animation, here is a tip to record the screen of the iPad or iPhone with Apple’s built in screen recording.
1) Design your chart and get it set up and ready.
2) On your iOS device, go to Settings > Control Centre > Include Screen recording (+)

How video capture your iPad or iPhone screen

3) Swipe from the top right on your home screen (on new devices) to show the control panel.
The button in Red records the screen.
4) Open Icongraph to the template you are currently on and press ‘done’ on the chart you have made. You will have captured this clip.
5) Press Home on your device and swipe from the top right again to turn off the screen recording.
That’s it! If you can use video editing software, cut a selection of clips together using statistics and make a cool infographic video!

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