How to use Icongraph’s foreign fonts in your infographic?

The Icongraph app now includes fonts some selected languages where we have seen a lot of new demand. Most of our fonts are for English / European languages (latin based fonts, such as Spanish). From version 1.5.7 we have added fonts in these languages: Thai, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese.

1) Open the font selector

Press the ‘Add Text’ button at the top of the screen to create a new text object. Tap on your text and then press the Font button at the bottom of the screen. The font defaults to ‘Roboto Medium.’ Press this to open the font list panel and there you can change the font.

2) Choose your font before editing your text

Firstly, choose a font in your language. In this example we have selected Maitree Bold (a thai font).

Secondly, press the ‘Edit Text’ button at the top. You can also double tap the text to bring up the text editing panel to type your text.


3) Type your text

You will need to have activated the keyboard in your languange in your device Settings. Go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.


All Done!

That’s it! You have added text in your language to your Icongraph infographic design.


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