Meet our new Icon Design App for iPad and iPhone

Icon Designer is the latest app in the Icongraph series, this time with an array of multi-purpose design templates that will make creating graphic posters, signs and infographics on your iPhone and iPad a breeze.

Building on the simple usability of Icongraph, Icon Designer has improved icon and text control, even more graphic tools and the user now has the flexibility to save their designs to the gallery and copy their layouts to make iterations: perfect for making presentation slides.

Design Infographic Maps with pins and icons

Icon Designer includes high quality vector world maps, continents with area divisions (perfect for geography teachers), photo arial maps, US States maps and useful mapping tools such as pins, circle highlights and text labels. Plus you can add icons to illustrate your maps!

Icons and Design Layouts for the new normal

Icon Designer comes with a library of useful icons and layouts for designing safety information graphics for the pandemic. In the app’s icon library screen, search for the keyword ‘virus’ to find lots of medical icons, ppe icons, social distancing icons and virus icons. drop them into your own designs or use our growing collection of coronavirus safety templates. Just add your own text, choose your colours and export your images to print and use for your signage.


Graphics for Teachers – Get the Education Edition for your school!

Icon Designer provides high quality graphics that teachers can access in one app (no more clip art!). Our templates are completely flexible – easily swap in icons, shapes, arrows and add text on your given subject. Students and teachers can start with our 60+ ready made templates – featuring colorful icon layouts, helpful diagrams for teaching and visually striking maps in many styles.

Schools can get 50% off the app price by taking advantage of Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme.

Download the Educational version here:

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Icon Designer’s Product Features (Pro Upgrade)

What’s in the app? 

  • Search 2000+ curated and topical icons
  • 70 icon and map templates
  • 40+ vector & aerial maps
  • 22 Fonts
  • Save your designs to the gallery
  • Copy your designs and make variations
  • Add icon wallpaper backgrounds to any layout 

Transform your presentations

  • Simple user interface for composing icons and text
  • Perfect for teachers, educators and students
  • Easily make infographics with our icon collected
  • Export PNG Image files in HD with transparent background

3 ways to add colour

  • Swatches
  • Custom picker
  • Save and add your own hex colours


Ready to become an Icon Designer?

Download the Free version here: