Infographic Maker – Icongraph App

An Easy to Use Infographic Maker for iPad & iPhone

Icongraph App is the first infographic maker that has been designed especially for the iPhone and iPad. We’ve created a unique collection of design templates in 3 categories: icon posters, charts and maps.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of icons here at Icongraph, and that’s where the name came from. Combine great icons with graphs and you have a powerful recipe for great visuals.

We believe icons are a work of art – mini illustrations that bring emotion and understanding to any topic. We want to give non-designers and marketers the chance to make great visuals. We hope the Icongraph App teaches and inspires you!

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Easy to use infographic templates made for mobile

Icongraph is the only dedicated infographic maker designed for mobile. Need to some special graphics to spice up a presentation? Use Icongraph to create your visual on the go. Our design templates are fully customisable and we hope you’ll be making infographics right away! Start with our free infographic templates and see how easy it is to use. Change the colours of your icons, resize your chart layouts, add text and choose from our social media layouts.

Have fun with your data :}

You won’t find charts like these anywhere else. Icongraph packs some truly wacky graphs that are guaranteed to spice up your powerpoint presentations and grab the room’s attention. Turn percentages into a ‘infoburger‘ or ‘data sandwich‘ chart. Use our ‘virus‘ or ‘sunflower‘ dot graphs and bring your content to life with our colourful infographics. 

Make infographic ‘pin maps’ and ‘icon maps’ on mobile

Icongraph includes a map maker template which has been designed especially for Apple devices. Choose from a range of quality graphic world maps and continents in many styles. Add sea waves, background gradients and tint the map colour to your liking. Then simply tap the screen to drop pins on your map. You can either use our graphic pins or turn your map into an infographic by adding any icon from the library!  

Using our infographic templates – what’s the process?

  1. Customise a layout from our 30 infographic design templates, maps and charts.
  2. Browse our library of high quality designer icons and compose your image.
  3. Export an HD image to your iOS device and give your online visuals and presentations an edge. We support these ratios.


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