What ratio should I use for my presentation?

Icongraph’s default image ratio is a 16:9 landscape image, which in our opinion the ultimate ratio. Not only is it great for social media posts, but it’s also a pleasing and versatile image format that can be used for Powerpoint, Keynote, and Google Slides presentations.

The app’s export file is 2048×1152 – this translates to the standard HD video resolution of 1920×1080, so it’s ideal for animated videos too.

Make a slide presentation using Apple’s Keynote App on your iPhone & iPad

An easy way to make a presentation on the move can be made by using Apple’s Free Keynote Mobile App for iPad.
 From the Keynote Recents Page > + (tap the + icon at the top to make a new presentation)

In Keynote choose a new template and make sure you choose the ‘Wide’ tab. (This is a perfect 16:9 ratio which means your Icongraph slide will fit exactly into it. 

How to import your Icongraph infographics into Keynote:

On the current slide > Tap the + icon on the top right > Tab 4 (import images from Camera Roll)
. You can choose to either add your text in Icongraph, or if you want your text to remain editable, we advise you to leave off text in Icongraph and write your text in Keynote. That way, all the text will be editable later.

Which social ratio sizes does Icongraph support?

16:9 – 2048×1152 (very versatile ratio for presentations, video and more)

9:16 – 648×1152 (Portrait ratio)

4:3 – 1536×1152 (good for Facebook posts)

Square – 1024×1024 (good for Instagram posts, app icons, profile pictures)

Twitter Cover – 1800×600

Facebook Cover – 1640×624

LinkedIn Cover – 1536×468


Ready to make infographics on mobile?

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