How to turn your icongraph chart into an animated infographic?

To save a video clip of your infographic animation, here is a tip to record the screen of the iPad or iPhone with Apple’s built in screen recording.
The first stage is to setup your chart and key in all your percentage data. In this example we designed our iconbar chart in the app, chose the icons we wanted and picked a cool colour scheme for all the statistics.

1) Enable Apple’s built in screen recording

Now let’s check that you have screen recording enabled in your iPhone or iPad settings. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Control Centre > Include Screen recording (+). In the picture you will see that Screen Recording is already added to the list.

2) ‘Video Capture’ your iPad or iPhone’s screen

When you have finished designing your infographic, press the home button on your iPhone or iPad to close Icongraph (but do not clear it from memory). Now on the home screen of your device, you need to do a long swipe downwards from the top right of the screen. Tap the record button that is highlighted in our picture. Now everything on your screen will be recorded.

Open Icongraph > press Edit Chart > tap the tick button to animate your chart. To end your screen recording, return to your home screen and swipe down from the tp right again. Tap the record button again to stop the video recording.

That’s it! The video capture will appear in your Photo Gallery. Apple’s recording is a high quality mp4 file. You can edit this file quickly in iMovie, Premiere or any editing software and crop the animation size. For further control we recommend composing it in Adobe After Effects. Cut a selection of clips together using statistics and make an awesome infographic video!

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