High Quality, Affordable, High Resolution Design Assets all in one place

This article is written for people looking for high-res, high quality design assets and pro fonts for their creative projects, websites, app development, presentations and marketing campaigns. As a graphic designer and app developer running a small business I’m often in need of good quality, royalty free graphics at a high resolution. This could be a watercolour background for an app, a calligraphy style handwritten font for a wedding invite, or a design mockup for a mobile device.

But where do you start? There are many sites offering freebie assets and giveaways, but let’s face it – it can be a real hassle finding a range of choices for your project. You can browse Google images for artwork, but often these images will turn out to be watermarked or in a low quality compressed jpg. Sigh..

Then one day I discovered a new site that had all these assets in one place: Creative Fabrica. Designers from around the world can earn royalties from their artwork and fonts, and let me tell you, there is a never ending amount of choice. You will discover designs so inspiring you’ll want to start a whole new project there and then!

What kinds of design assets are we talking?

Their collection spans Fonts, Graphics, Patterns, Backgrounds, Crafts, Ornaments, Seasonal designs, Embroidery and the list goes on. It probably has the best collection of Script and Handwritten fonts I’ve seen at very low prices. You can even buy professional fonts for as little as $1, as there is always an offer on. I found that by subscribing for a month I could download a lot of artwork for my current projects at once. Then in the future when I need more I’ll go back for another batch.

Check out their design assets now.


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