Icongraph mostly uses The Noun Project Icons under a Pro license. Some of our icons are our own.


Thanks to these additional Noun Project creators for the use of the icons listed below.

(previously downloaded under the Creative Commons License, but no longer available)


Baby by David

DNA code by Aha-soft

Electronic Brain by Aha-soft

Flower by Joao Proenca

Letter by Scott Lewis

Robotic Arm by Aha-soft

Spray Bottle by Gregor Cresnar

Trophy by Aha-soft

Volleyball ball by Aldric Rodriguez Iborra



Thanks to the Google Fonts designers for the use of their excellent fonts – thanks a bunch!

Thanks to Yann Le Coroller for his Alte Haas Grotesk fonts, which look like a grunge version of Helvetica.



Thanks for the following maps:

World with Countries map by

Europe map by

United Kingdom map with regions by

Asia with Countries – Multicolor by